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Silence the ones who love and launch into oblivion.


Dust me off and wake me up
Throw the covers off, I didn't see it coming
And I don't need a hand to hold
I've never been the type to come in from the cold

She's the flint and I'm the flame
A special kind of fire that burns in no one's name
I'm casting eyes to the stars and I am
Leaving everything I've built and broken behind

I am stainless forged and set
A monolith that stands through everything you've said
And safe inside all this armour I am free
To point my nose at the sun
Forget the countdown now just fire away

Tell me again, tell your plan
Without a path or direction
And maybe I stand on pillars of sand
But I am fire and I am
Turning them to glass

When I shoot
When I scream
When I fly
When again I'm going blind
I'll believe when I see
When I cross over the divide
More speed
What I need

Let the sparks fly
I have no choice but to go
Let the sparks fly
Beyond the now and the known
Let the sparks fly
Board up the windows and weld the doors
Let the sparks fly
I'll leave it all behind


from Porcelain Jaw EP + Stories from the War Ebook, released November 30, 2015
by The Sleepers



all rights reserved


The Sleepers Cape Town, South Africa

The music of The Sleepers is a study in contrast. Infinite power juxtaposed with absolute frailty. The blistering light of the sun contrasted with the freezing blackness of deep space. It’s this concept that guides The Sleepers' live show, sometimes nudging, sometimes hurling the listener into chaos and serenity. ... more

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